Its clear there are many smart and dedicated people who are passionate about the climate change mitigation journey and subscribe to the Net-Zero goals.

Unfortunately, based on the facts I have gathered so far; I do not share the same viewpoint.

To me the climate change is far from an emergency, and although some adaption may be needed, we have plenty of decades to react. In fact, in some cases the climate is heading to a better place with some benefits from higher temperatures and increasing CO2.

I believe with climate change we have so called responsible organizations that have put the political cart way ahead of the scientific horse.

Also, we have far more important issues to focus upon, such as prosperity through economic vitality, and reshoring our manufacturing to get out from under the trap of globalized trade, as well as gain a better balance between capital and labor in all forms.

So, this climate change journey is a huge distraction to achieving prosperity, and history may show our civilizations will regret the diversion of the effort, talent, and funds that are being wasted on this wild goose chase.

Also, when surveyed most of the population scores climate change very low on their level of concerns, so as a democracy we need to re-think our policy priorities, as we may be pandering to a fringe element with a heavy policy focus on climate change.

Its now very clear that many climate experts are going through a reset. They all agree the climate is changing and they also agree that CO2 is increasing, but that its not the significant driver of the climate temperature increase. They also agree CO2 is not a pollutant, and in fact is more our friend than our enemy.

Its clear that CO2 mitigation should stop, and that only some longer-term adaption is needed to support the effects of climate change.

Of course, the efforts to evolve away from any form of pollution should continue, such as moving from coal to nuclear, but never at the expense of prosperity.

Every time I ask questions with climate change alarmists and try to debate the unsettled scientific facts, I get no alternative facts, but I get shut down with almost religious fanaticism by the same people who would have you believe they respect science and are seeking ongoing truth. Now I do appreciate that many have married careers to the Climate change cause… which I understand will make any dissension much more difficult, but please, we must all try to be objective for the sake of our civilizations.

Here attached is a summary of the facts I hope will explain why I have taken this position, and I am asking for some feedback to see if you can change my position.

 Climate Trends and Facts

 The climate trends.

140-million-year trend of dangerously decreasing CO2.

In the last four glacial advances, the CO2 level was dangerously low.

CO2 emissions began accelerating in the mid-20th century, but Modern warming began more than 300 years ago…

Our current geologic period (Quaternary) has the lowest average CO2 levels in the last 600 million years.

Current CO2 levels are near record lows. We are CO2 impoverished.

Temperatures changed dramatically during the past 10,000 years. It wasn’t us.

 The Science.

The warming effect of each molecule of CO2 declines as its concentration increases

First and foremost, CO2 is plant food.

Earth’s orbit and tilt drive glacial-interglacial changes.

IPCC models have overstated warming up to three times too much.

More CO2 means more plant growth.

More CO2 helps to feed more people worldwide.

Melting of floating ice does not cause sea levels to rise.

An “ideal” temperature is not that of 150 years ago.

For human advancement, warmer is better than colder.

More CO2 means moister soil.

Many more people die from cold than from heat… a lot more.


The current warming trend is neither unusual nor unprecedented.

We are living in one of the coldest periods in all of Earth’s history.

For most of Earth’s history, it was about 10°C (18°F) warmer than today.

For 65 million years, Earth has been warmer than today.

The only thing constant about temperatures over 600 million years is that they have been constantly changing.

The last interglacial was 8°C (14°F) warmer than today. The polar bears survived. Greenland didn’t melt.

CO2 increased while temperature fell over the last 8,000 years.

Recent CO2 levels are lower than nearly all of Earth’s history.

CO2 has not been the primary driver of temperature through time.

CO2 rose after the Second World War, but temperature fell.

Melting glaciers confirm modern warming predated increases of CO2.

Rising sea levels confirm modern warming predated increases of CO2.

Interglacial usually last 10,000 – 15,000 years. Ours is 11,000 years old.

Most of Antarctica has cooled over the last 40 years.

Glacial retreat began more than 200 years ago.

The outcomes….

Crop growth is being fueled by modest warming and more CO2.

CO2 increase is enhancing corn production… a lot!!!!

Droughts are not increasing in the U.S. (NOAA) (Part 1)

Globally droughts are in decline.

Sea-level rise is not accelerating.

NASA says that Antarctica sea ice extents are increasing slightly.

There has been no increase in the number of hurricanes globally.

There has been a decrease in landfalling hurricanes in the U.S.

According to NOAA, the most violent tornadoes are in a 70-year decline.

There has been a significant decline in deaths linked to extreme weather.

Many coral islands in the Pacific are growing.

The polar bear population is growing in size.

Air pollutants are declining in the U.S.

 Other facts on energy solutions.

Wind and Solar technology will not support a modern industrial society.

Nuclear power is by far the best long term green solution to support a green and electrified industrialized society.

Green hydrogen produced as a biproduct of nuclear abundant off-peak energy can be used for propulsion with some natural gas in some applications.


These facts are correct and by following Net-Zero we are heading in completely the wrong direction, and we are placing our prosperity and civilization in jeopardy…….

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