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Japan asks for natural gas, Trudeau offers lectures on decarbonizing!

Several months ago, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Prime Minister Trudeau here in Ottawa. With the war between Ukraine and Russia cutting off a reliable energy supply, Germany was desperate to find a new one. Germany had mistakenly switched from clean, reliable nuclear energy to costly and inefficient wind turbines and solar systems, causing a massive energy shortage. Chancellor Scholz wanted Canada to supply LNG, but was bluntly turned down by Trudeau. Germany immediately proceeded to sign a long-term natural gas agreement with Qatar.
Now Trudeau has also rejected a request from Japan’s PM, Fumio Kishida, for Canada to supply it with LNG. Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels to push his green dream knows no bounds.
Estimates show Trudeau has spent more than $100 billion chasing his new green deal while declaring a war on fossil fuels and raising carbon taxes. At the same time, Canada has lost hundreds of billions in foreign investments in the resource industry.
Trudeau’s ideologically driven and economy-killing obsession with eliminating carbon at all costs is killing needed business and investments from friendly nations elsewhere. Canada should be supporting our key allies and helping our own flagging economy.