When I get interviewed on my new book Take Back Manufacturing ……. I keep getting asked…. What about the climate change emergency?

I explain that the Take Back Manufacturing book takes a hard look at all aspects of what we need to do differently to recover our Manufacturing sectors and gain back our prosperity, and the biggest impediment other than political will for recovering our manufacturing sectors is the wrong approach to managing climate change.

So far, we have allowed the misappropriation of science to generate a false consensus that in turn has created a view that we have a climate emergency. This is generating panic and wrong-headed policies and actions across our western societies. It is breeding a religious fanaticism that is being boosted by an increasing neo-globalist woke attitude that does nothing to assist our national citizens, and certainly does not support future national prosperity and sustainability.

I talk about this issue in my book, and its now clear that significant dissention exists within the scientific community with many relevant and leading scientists in total conflict with the so called scientific consensus. We need a strong and healthy science based review process with all factions involved, before we continue with any policies that embark on foolish group think mitigation projects that will screw up our energy supply, our economies, and our civilization.

More about this in my book…… Take Back Manufacturing

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