What’s a globalist to do when the neo-liberal-world-order ideology fails…. Well…Just descope it to friend-shoring.

Chrystia Freeland recently waxed profane about the need to adjust the rules of the new world order…. She declares we must now only trade with “friends” who follow the rules of the western world order …they call it friend-shoring.

As I have outlined in my new book Take Back Manufacturing an imperative for western economies… Freeland and most of the lead western politicos, the leading economists and the elitist financial institutions have always been rank globalists in all matters of geo-politics, trade and financialization of our economies. They continue to maintain this globalized economic approach, even when it is now very clear that this is an ongoing bad solution for the citizens of the western world.

They have demonstrated zero concern for national trade balance, or energy, resource and manufacturing self-sufficiency. They have no concept of national or local trade bloc sustainability, even though this is the best route for national productivity and citizen centred security and prosperity.

National politicos still think their job is to waste valuable national efforts in saving the planet and its population at large, rather than doing what is best for their citizens.

They continue to fall into the category of being more concerned about who we are, and how we look to others, than how are citizens are doing.

This places them in the opposite position from more nationalistic leadership directions such as Trump, who although he has made huge mistakes, was very much on the correct path with “how my citizens are doing” and far less interested in “team global.”

The original global world order concept was thought to be a global economic social club everyone would want to join, as it offered the now proven fallacy that economically  “all boats would rise together” ……It naively assumed that with the facilitation of global institutions such as the World Trade Organization all the emerging nations would be happy to play by the rules, so that everyone would benefit in a positive manner, and of course the concept of democracy, rule of law and western values would be at the top of the list of rules to follow…. Well good luck with that as China and many other emerging nations had no intention of following these rules. They will never embrace the concept of western style democracy if that was supposed to be an outcome. Also, Russia and some other nations will not wish to join such a team. On a global basis the adoption of western style democracy is shrinking.

As I define in my book…. Its noticeably clear that the pure globalist new world order concept has failed miserably for those mature western nations that followed such rules. They have seen trade imbalance, energy insecurity and massive unentitled wealth transfer to the detriment of citizen prosperity in most of these mature western economies.

The fact that globalized free trade and the global world order has failed should be no massive surprise… our advocacy group has been predicting this for more than a decade.

Due to this misguided globalization journey our prosperity in the western nations is failing miserably to support our citizens. Therefore, we most certainly do not need friend-shoring, but a total rethink away from this failed global trade concept, toward a well enforced localized trade bloc. This must include much more nation centric foreign policies, and much more political will to move away from the current woke ridden socio-political agendas, and much more a prime focus by all levels of our governments on a plan for economic prosperity.

Its clear we will need different leadership that can better understand what their real job is… Its to do what is best for the citizens that voted for them, not persist in trying to prop up a very much failed global social club.

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